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Last Beach Standing

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There’s only a few beaches in the US that’s still open and Biloxi Beach on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast is one of them. The community has taken its toll over the hills and though Katrina was 15 years ago, it has taken this long to fully recover. It was not by will, but by policy since insurance payments have been mired …

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Open the Beaches – Enforce Social Distancing

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“If I get corona, I get corona. At the end of the day, I’m not gonna let it stop me from partying,” Brady Sluder, Florida Spring Breaker People need the outdoors. During this time of crisis, people need to be able to get out, participate in physical activity and stay sane.  Spring is in the air, and besides a bout …

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Why the Nats will Finally Win in ’18

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The wretched curse is finally LIFTED. The team that won President’s Trophy thrice with arguably Hockey’s greatest current player finally won the Big Stanley. But this wasn’t a given — the Washington Capitals were known for choking in the second round, mostly to our arch rival Penguins. But the Caps did something remarkable, even coming back from behind against the …

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MLB 1 Game Wildcard – Stupidity at its Finest

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o tonight the Pirates play the Cubs for the American League wildcard spot.  Last night the Astros shutout the Yankees. Theres a lot of excitement for sure. But in baseball anything can happen in one game. The pitcher could be having a bad day.  The umpire could make the wrong call.  In a best of five or three series, there’s …