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Astoria Packed After Dark

In Alcohol, Food, New York by RUNINdc

This weekend as in the last couple weeks on Steinway Street endearingly called “Little Egypt”, the streets are alive like they are in Dubai. The stir crazy crowds, mostly mask-less, have gotten so large, that they have blocked traffic and caused roadblocks. They park dozens of motorcycles and quads on the sidewalk then congregate with friends smoking drinking, dancing and …

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Niagara Falls – Which Side to Visit

In New York by RUNINdc

The Niagara Falls with the all the snow and heavy rainfall this spring has seen an increase in water levels. However the number of tourists has steadily declined. This effect is the result of new rules on travel as well as the persistent trade war with China. So when you plan your trip to Niagara Falls – which side should …

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Destiny’s Destiny

In New York, News, Shopping by RUNINdc

Destiny USA in Syracuse, a six-story shopping and entertainment complex on the shore of Onondega Lake.The 2.4 million square foot mall is the nation’s sixth largest shopping mall and is owned by Pyramid Companies who owns 17 properties mostly in New York. The site of Destiny was originally a landfill surrounded by dozens of oil tanks called Oil City. Pyramid …

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Breaking down ICT Barriers @Open Camps UN

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uly 8-17 2016 –  The United Nations has been hosting the world’s largest open sourced mission driven camp with over 6,000 attendees. Unite Open Source‘s goal is to break down barriers and build collaboration amongst developers, administrators, designers, managers, etc. Technology is a key enabler of sustainable development.  Partnership within the global ICT community is one of the best ways …