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Sad Day for Democracy

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Today is a sad day in America. President Trump held a press conference and made egregious accusations that there is widespread voter fraud in several battleground states that he lost in or in states where his once big leads were gradually dwindling. Trump started the press conference taking his usual partisan, braggadocio tone stating that he received more votes than …

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From Holy Ground to Battle Ground

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Protesting continued in DC for a fifth straight day on Tuesday with the iconic Lafayette Square completely closed off with a chain-link fence.  The previous day, peaceful demonstrations was forcefully cleared by police under federal authority and under the direction of Attorney General William Barr. Barr wanted to extend the perimeter encompassing Lafayette Square to St  John’s Episcopal Church so …

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Trump Heads Home to a Post-Mueller Era

In President by RUNINdc

President Trump returned home from Mar-a-Largo Sunday feeling elated and emboldened that he his presidency can move on from the Mueller Report After having the Mueller investigation dangle over his head for the last 22 months, the President is relieved that the investigation is now over. Attorney General Barr even went as far to say he was exonerated. While this …