Bracket Room Packs it Big for the Superbowl

The Bracket Room is popular with the female clientele and Patriots Football in Clarendon VA

It’s also a packed with fans during the games. But it’s not a regular run of the mill sports bar.

First the food is something to cheer about.  The menu is cleverly designed by price (not by category) and offers an upscale version of traditional bar food as well as higher-end items like steak and lobster.

Women love the food and the way the menu is designed to cater to their preferences and taste buds.  One of the more popular offerings is the menu of 64 shooters which are arranged on an NCAA-style tournament bracket.  “The winning shooter is not only the most popular, but the most heavily discounted,” said owner Jeff Greenberg.

“The shooters are not only tasty, they’re incredibly fun” said Gelianne Denise Vargas. who came with her friend Kristen.

Patriots Football in Clarendon VA

“I go left and do things that don’t scale….I somehow ended up at a bar where I’m outnumbered by New England fans,” said diehard Seahawks fan, Babs Lee.

“Whenever I’m in town, I come here for the games,” said Joshua Kriger, who travels back and forth to LA frequently. “And I’m proudly wearing #12, to cheer for my favorite quarterback and my beloved Pats.”DSC_0665

“Never in a million years would I root for an AFC team, since I’m a huge Skins fan. But tonight I did it for my beloved friend,” said Jennifer Calara, who comes regularly to root for her hometeam.


“What an incredible night,” said Bracket regular Kristen Martin. “Love watching the games here. There’s never a bad seat, no matter how crowded it gets.  I feel like I’m watching it at home with my friends.”

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