Chef Trey Massey Found Guilty of Rape

Trey Massey, 32, former chef at Restaurant Eve and Society Fair, was found guilty of rape and abduction.

“Trey” Massey had a tempestuous relationship with a woman (his ex-fiance), who was a barista at an Alexandria coffee house.

The woman committed suicide just days after the November 2013 preliminary hearing, distraught about what happened to her on Sept 3/4.  Massey’s attorneys asked that her testimony be barred from the trial because they did not get an opportunity to cross examine her.

A Fairfax County judge initially approved Massey’s motion, but was reversed by higher courts. The court allowed a friend to read the 28-year-old woman’s testimony and the jury found Massey guilty on two counts of rape, abduction and abduction with intent to defile. The jury is now deliberating his sentence.

Interesting that the court allowed the woman’s written testimony to be included despite not having an opportunity to face your accuser in court