Kush God Arrested for Pot Trafficking

Beginning this summer, a Lexus coupe painted and a Mercedes-Benz adorned in bright green colors drove around DC hotspots, handing out brownies, cookies and gummy bears to passerbys.

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 4.38.29 AM

But these weren’t your father’s brownies — they were laced with pot and they weren’t exactly free for the taking.

Nicholas Cunningham, owner of Kushgods were asking for donations.

After an undercover operation made eight buys, an arrest warrant was issued for Cunningham and Evonne Lidoff — both were charged with four counts of distribution of marijuana.

Police recovered $1,532 worth of brownies as well as 28 plastic baggies containing weed.

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MPD also impounded three Kush vehicles but Cunningham considered this just a minor setback.


“Marijuana was being sold, because our investigation showed they were making a profit,” MPD public information officer Karimah Bilal stated.