The Dignitary at Marriott Marquis

We last visited the Dignitary in the fall and were blown away by the selection and taste of their Whiskey.  So with the auto show going on full swing, we had to saunter next door to check out what’s new.

If you’re looking for a great Whiskey bar, this hotel bar inside the magnificent Marriott Marquis is sure to please.  The place has a sweet atmosphere and wonderful seating all around.  There’s even a spacious outdoor patio  when the weather warms up.

The menu is not extensive but you don’t eat a full meal here. You come for the Bourbon, cocktails and snacks like flatbread and grilled cheeseMarriott-Marquis-DC-The-Dignitary-Bar-24 Marriott-Marquis-DC-The-Dignitary-Bar-23 Marriott-Marquis-DC-The-Dignitary-Bar-22 Marriott-Marquis-DC-The-Dignitary-Bar-21 Marriott-Marquis-DC-The-Dignitary-Bar-20 Marriott-Marquis-DC-The-Dignitary-Bar-19 Marriott-Marquis-DC-The-Dignitary-Bar-18 Marriott-Marquis-DC-The-Dignitary-Bar-17 Marriott-Marquis-DC-The-Dignitary-Bar-15 Marriott-Marquis-DC-The-Dignitary-Bar-14 Marriott-Marquis-DC-The-Dignitary-Bar-13 Marriott-Marquis-DC-The-Dignitary-Bar-12 Marriott-Marquis-DC-The-Dignitary-Bar-11 Marriott-Marquis-DC-The-Dignitary-Bar-10 Marriott-Marquis-DC-The-Dignitary-Bar-09 Marriott-Marquis-DC-The-Dignitary-Bar-08 Marriott-Marquis-DC-The-Dignitary-Bar-07.















































Whiskey is the main staple at The Dignitary. Mixologist, Rosen, prepares a bevy of handcrafted and unique products with a light body and delicate range of notes.

Irish whiskey is often distilled three times to give it a lighter flavor, unlike Scotch, which is distilled twice.

It’s exquisite to drink neat or in cocktails, from the classics to innovative