How to Turn a Traffic Ticket to a Free Meal at Caribbean Citations in Shaw

Under the DC codes, there are more than 79 reasons you can get a parking ticket and in DC, with an average of 2.9 tickets issued every minute, it is a $179 million-a-year business.

If you drive in DC, chances are you’ve probably gotten a ticket or two.  And you’ve probably fought them in Traffic Court.

Now, there’s a new way to fight back. Just bring your traffic ticket to Caribbean Citations located AT 1336 9th Street NW.

“When you are issued a parking or moving violation from anywhere, bring it to our restaurant and use it as a coupon where we stamp it and you’ll receive a 10-50% discount off our entire menu and you can also enter your Citation into our monthly raffle for $1 for a chance to have us pay your fine up to $100,” said co-owner Michael Sterling, former owner of Anacostia Big Chair Cafe & Grill

“Our goal is to make a big impactful change in our neighborhood, said co-owner Ralfie Sarboh Doe. “We plan to get the word out on social media and outreach.. We hope our customers will help spread the word.”

You don’t need to get issued a citation to visit Caribbean Citations. In fact, Citation’s soft opening will be this Sunday during the Superbowl.

So the food was amazing — blew us away. The real question is #Jerk or #Curry.

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Photos by Skvora Limited 

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