DC Tech Day @ Building Museum

DC Tech day will only be using #TECHDAY to tag all of our content from now on, so you should, too.

For startups, tweeting or updating on Linkedin and/or Facebook has always been a way to alert their most engaged users, hopeful new team members, investors and press who are following their story, or their frustrated family & friends who haven’t seen them in “forever” that for one day, they’re going to be on their feet and showing off to the local community- and this is their shot to connect in person.  It also means that leading up to the event, their startup is going to be a part of the online conversation that the local community will be engaged in.

For attendees, it’s always been about letting their friends know that they intend on committing their day to coming out and supporting the startup scene.  Many of our attendees do not work in tech or the startup world, and by letting their network know about our event, they’re helping those who may be interested with a possible way to get involved or take a peek at what it’s all about.