Ode to McFadden’s

In Closing by RUNINdc

“Ode to McFaddens”

Descending down the staircase to the masses down below
The crowd is lit and dancing, smiling, laughing at the show

The DJ’s on the ones and twos and calling out the winners
The Minister is pouring rounds of shots for all the sinners

Up on the bar a girl is offered free shots from the freezer
She doesn’t know that 50 bucks calls for a kiss from Caesar

There’s kissing in the photo booth, and grinding on the floor
The coat check’s closed and locked, but “wait, has anyone seen Dior?”

Promo girls with knee-high socks dance, ready at the wait
Prepared for hammered suitors who are looking for a date

The manager is just out front or holed up in the office
“I can not find him anywhere, I’ve got a void to process!”

A kiosk sits outside the door, a heater warms her feet
“I do not see you on the list,
Your name’s not on my sheet.”

Security’s just by her side, the poor girl’s not alone
And everywhere, oh everywhere,
employees on their phone

For some it is the customer they flirted with last night
For others it was minutes since
they’d gotten the green light

Out in the loading dock there is a session taking place
“Oh we’re just smoking cigarettes.”
They say with a straight face.

The house lights now are turning up,
the evening’s at a close
It’s time to go, time for goodbyes, for tearing off the clothes

The party- it is done for now, that’s what has been decided
But memories last forever friends,
That’s what McFadden’s provided.

by Charles Batla