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After two and a half arduous, relentless pandemic years, we have decided to close the restaurant. Our last night of dinner service was this past Saturday, July 9.

We opened our doors on September 3, 2015 with our hearts full of pride and passion for Filipino food and our warm, personal approach to hospitality. We had a clear picture in our minds of what we wanted the restaurant to be. It far surpassed all our imaginings.

To be honest, it’s hard to know quite what to say.
We are overwhelmed with big feelings.

We are proud of our work.
We learned a lot (and we have so much more to learn!)
We feel more deeply rooted in our culture and heritage.
We celebrate the abundant flowering of Filipino food in this country. From coast to coast, it represents the complexity, diversity, and creativity of our community.

Though we have heavy hearts, we are buoyed by waves of gratitude for…
– all of our staff – past and present;
– our collaborators, peers, and mentors in the DC food and beverage scene and beyond;
– every guest we have ever had the honor of feeding;
– and our investors, friends, and families.

Every day, it gets a little tougher for small, independent restaurants and food businesses to survive. Please continue to support our peers and friends who are out here every day, pulling rabbits out of hats to make your food and beverage dreams come true: @sekidc, @marthadear, @thipkhao, @manifestbread, @happygyro, @happyicecream, @littleserow, @domestiquewine, @2amysneopolitanpizza, @thebeergarden, @taqueriaxochi, @menyahosaki, @okpbdc, @allsoulsbar, @thelittlegrand, @redrocksdc, @hanuman, @tailupgoat, @revelershour, @greenalmondpantry, @meatsandfoods, @nidomarket, @oddprovisions, @eatatelle, and @tigerelladc (coming soon!)