Nats Win 8 in a Row

Washington wins Big 12-3 in Houston, despite been huge underdogs. Now the Nats take a commanding two game lead with the next three at home.  Can the Nats sweep it?

The 2019 Nats is the biggest Miracle since the 69 Mets

Last time a team that was 12 games below .500 near mid season to win it all was 1914 Boston Braves

And the Nats had to come back from behind in the 9th inning against the Brewers and win the final two against the Dodgers to advance.

We’re gonna talk about 2019 for the rest of our lives!!!

According to a team spokeswoman, the crowd at Nats Park grew to nearly 14,500 for the Game 2 Watch party

The week off sure did not hurt the Nats.