A Taste of Puerto Rico

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If you crave Puerto Rican food,  the options are limited in the city.  It is the cuisine of  Cuba, Spain and parts of the African continent.  That’s why I never turn down an opportunity to try authentic PR cuisine.

RUNINDC was invited to attend a DC Food Blogger event at MIO.  Typically restaurants showcase some  of their signature dishes.  But MIO went all out.

Most Puerto Rican restaurants do serve delicious food, but are typically holes in the wall. Mio is everything you’ve ever hoped for but never found in island cuisine with a 5-star decor.

As soon as you walk in, you are ushered into a very modern atmosphere with a lush, zen feel.   There’s a plethora of  dark wood on tables, chairs, walls and even the ceiling.

You are also provided with an attractive view of the kitchen from the dining area and  from our private reception space we had a great vantage point.

The perfect thing about our space, we had lots of room which led to great conversation.

The Pinchos de Pollo were succulent and tasty.

The food was out of this world and the atmosphere hip and trendy.

The Empanadas, Bolitas and Cured Salmon was cooked to perfection. The tostones were amazing.  And the Rum, mind boggling.

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The Bolitas de Cerdo con Guyaba – what an amazing treat

Our servers and bartenders were the best — lively and friendly

Everyone had an amazingly fabulous time and we’re sure to come back for brunch, Lechon (rotisserie roasted suckling pig) Fridays and a whole lot more.