B Too oh so Bodacious


The sleek and inviting B Too, Chef Bart’s second spot on 14th St

June’s Food Blogger was held at the sleek and inviting B Too, Chef Bart’s second spot, the more high-end and polished version of his massively popular Barracks Row spot, Belga Cafe.

The Green Pea Chorizo Soup had the right balance of sweet and spicy. The green peas were sweet and the chorizo provided the right amount of spiciness to give the soup the right kick.
What’s better in Belgium than Waffles and what’s better on waffles than Salmon — a perfect combination.
The Foie Gras Lollypos was both inventive and tasty
The Frites came with three dipping sauces: Plain, Spicy and Sweet. They were splendid and the best I’ve eaten outside Belgium
We capped off our evening with the ever-so-decadent Creme Brulee & Chocomousse. Wow so sweet, heavenly but not at all heavy.


The deep fried bitterballens were crispy, meaty and oh so yummy.

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 9.17.36 PM
Phoenix wiping the slate clean

And yes the beer was so fresh & dee-licious I had to have more.  Thank you Chef Bart for a fabulous dinner experience!  The food was simply out of this world!

Yoomie just couldn’t get enough of the Split Pea Chorizo Soup