Alia King Manshio—A Creator Inspired by Color

By Nan Kay

Alia displayed jewelry created by her at the RAW event at Penn Social last week (  Her stall had earrings, necklaces, pins and other jewelry pieces—each unique—designed and made by Alia.  I had a brief interview with Alia:

Me:  What inspires you?

Alia:  I really like colors. I like to work with different colors in my jewelry.  I also like textures.  That’s why I have combined wood with origami paper in my jewelry. (She shows me several earrings where she has used both wood and origami paper—very original and beautiful).

Me:  Where do you display and sell your creations?

Alia:  At art and crafts shows, farmers markets—events where people who like hand-made things go to.  This (RAW at Penn Social) is probably my largest event.  I usually display at smaller places.

She was seen accepting both cash and credit card at the RAW stall.

You can learn more about Alia’s creations and order jewelry from and contact Alia at