Off the Beaten Path — 51st State

You don’t go to 51st for a nice dinner or a date — that’s for dam sure.  You go there for Tacos Tuesdays, wing nights, football cheering and of course the company and beer.

Chances are if you attended GWU, you’ve visited 51st sometime during your pitiful school years.  It’s laid back, off the beaten path and wildly unpretentious.

At 51st, there are no surprises — everything is a certainty.  You can certainly rely on Happy Hour seven days a week: Great service, tasty nachos, Amazing selection of beer on tap and the quintessential place to watch football. Bonus if you’re from NY or a Giants fan or you hate the Skins, after all its called the 51st State — a legendary name, bar none.

When you visit 51st, say Hi to Kurtis. He’s warm, friendly and will strike up a good conversation with you on any topic ranging from politics to sports. Perhaps the one thing better than the beer is the Company.

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