Win One for Dusty

Dusty Baker, the Nationals manager from from 2015-2017, got the short end of the stick when the Nationals chose not to resign him. The Nationals then won the World Series in 2019.

But a good deal fell on Baker’s lap after the sign stealing scandal.The Astros needed a steady hand, so Baker was the right choice for the hire.

And Baker who could not win a series with the Nationals, performed well with the Astros returning to the World Series after the 2017 sign stealing scandal.

For Baker, it’s a 19 year hiatus after the SF Giants made the World Series in 2002. Still a World Series ring has eluded him.

Will Dusty Baker who has managed five MLB teams and eight division titles finally win a World Series.

Well he would have to defeat the Braves, the team where he started as a MLB player in 1968.

We should find out very soon.