Vaccine Coming Soon

Fantastic news – the vaccine is finally here. The best news of the vaccine all year. Record breaking time to develop one.

The drug maker Pfizer along with BioNTech announced today that an early analysis of its coronavirus vaccine trial is 90% efficient among 43,500 trial volunteers in six countries with no safety concerns. The doses are given two weeks apart and is effective within seven days after the second dose.This number holds up to other effective vaccines in the past.

Pfizer will ask the FDA for emergency authorization of the two-dose vaccine later this month. They plan to have enough about 50 million doses of vaccine to immunize 15-20 million people – mostly for health care workers and the at risk in a couple of months. And by next spring, for the rest of the population.

This is significant news. Pfizer is a huge, reputable company, unlike the other smaller companies like Moderna and AstraZeneca that Kushner and the White House was working with. The other companies were Johnson & Johnson and Merck. Each company took a somewhat different approach. Pfizer’s news could bode well for Moderna who uses a similar technology. No vaccine has ever been developed in such a short period of time.

This news is significant as President-elect Biden is working with advisers to form a commission to tackle the virus. This vaccine along with good social distancing and face masks preventive measures might mean our lives returning to normal by next summer. President Trump had promised a vaccine before the election. He needed this good news a couple of weeks ago.

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