Rien Tong – Tasteless & Rude

Rien Tong is a Thai Sushi shop in the heart of Clarendon.  It’s perfectly located since there’s a dearth of good Asian restaurants this side of Arlington.

I’ve visited several times over the year and got a mixed reaction.  Sometimes the service was fast.  Other times, I would have done better just going to Whole Foods.

The food is ok,  but not amazing.  I always thought that the staff was fairly cordial until one time I decided to bring my Mom and my son over to try it.

The owner must have been in a sour mood that day. She didn’t say anything, not even a simple acknowledgement when I waved Hi.  Perhaps she was having a hard day.

But then as we waited patiently for dinner, she started embarking on a loud and rambunctious conversation with one of her employees behind the sushi bar.   Clearly she was mad at something, but not something my family and I wanted to hear.

When the food came out, it was greasy, bland and tasted as foul as the conversation she was having.

Luckily, my Mother ordered the sushi which appeared succulent and fresh.  But she surely wouldn’t approve of the Red Curry and Tom Yum that I tasted.

I’ve had better Thai food for sure.  Perhaps the chef was having a bad day, too.  Too bad Clarendon has a dearth of options for authentic Asian cuisine. I’m not always in the mood to drive out to Eden Center or Fairfax to get my share of spring rolls & pho.

So Rien Tong may work out to satisfy your cravings for lunch when time is a premium.