O Street Museum

Like a high class garage sale inside a mansion

by Pearl Webster

I first found out about this museum via a website selling tours. I decided to go directly to the O Street Museum website where I found different types of experiences and for cheaper than advertised on third party sites. We booked the “espionage experience” which turned out to be like a scavenger hunt opportunity where they give you a card to turn in things that you find.

We opted to just looked around the museum instead of finding the items in the card. I thought the museum was quite interesting and a bit on the eccentric side in that you were looking at old items such as books, clothes, furniture, memorabilia through the past 50 years or so. There were many beautiful items and some things I would not be able to see in person had I not visited the museum’s collection. You could purchase any item on display.

At times, I felt like it was a high class garage sale inside a mansion. If you love looking at city homes made to function in small to medium spaces, you will enjoy this museum as well. They sell alcoholic beverages and have food tours but not the types of food you would eat if you were extremely health conscious. A fun, albeit pricey experience but one not to be easily duplicated elsewhere.