Hong Kong Pearl Seafood

If you’re looking for dim sum in Falls Church, the place to be is Hong Kong Pearl. They have all my favorites, and the menu has pictures and description that you can check off and provide to the server.

Since I arrived later in the evening, there were no rolling carts with all the chatter.

Cheung fun (steamed sheets of filled rice noodles served with sweet soy), Chinese Broccoli in oyster sauce and Beef Chow Fun and Congee

The dim sum was authentic, tasty and reasonably priced. The cheung fun is so velvety and fresh with perfect noodle thickness and texture.

The congee with preserved egg (century egg) was thick and succulent, just the way I like it.

The chow fun was sweet, delightful with authentic Cantonese taste and it had plenty of stir-fried beef.

The Chinese broccoli was fresh and crunchy and the oyster sauce was thick, salty and sweet.

What a balanced, healthy meal. I was satiated and happy as a clam.