NYC Coronavirus Stats Reaches Record Low

The percentage of people testing positive for the coronavirus in New York City was just 1 percent on Sunday, the lowest it has been since the pandemic took hold of the city in March, and a big drop from when 71 percent of those tested had the virus

On Monday, New York City moved up to Phase III but kept restrictions on dining in as well as keeping casinos and theaters closed.  Under this phase, the city will be resuming personal care services with more outdoor recreation, from tennis to basketball.

Meanwhile, other parts of the state will be moving up to Phase IV later this week.

The reason why NYC is holding reins on indoor dining is the resurgence of cases in other parts of the US, especially the sunbelt.

The good news is that there has not been a resurgence in COVID cases after the Black Lives Matter protests earlier in June

During the July 4th weekend, many people were out and about in Times Square, all maintaining social distancing and most wearing face masks.