Crios Modern Mexican in DC

We’re always on a quest for good Mexican in DC. Not Salvadoran. Not Chipotle — I want my tacos served with a smile. We were lured to Crios Modern Mexican Restaurant by $4 margaritas and beer and 2 for 1 Tacos.

We were met by a large group of young professionals. Love networking events — the evening appeared promising.

I order some chips — over salted, the guacamole, bland and over-limed. I could feel my blood pressure rising with every

But still the prices were attractive and the portions reasonable. My friend ordered a margarita. This had to be good – knew they had some good tequila. The bartender asked if she wanted it salted. Affirmative she replied nonchalantly. Perhaps with some salted lime.

The service was slow. I had already made a huge dent on my chips when it finally arrived. She took one big sip, then starts coughing uncontrollable. She runs to the bathroom. Returns, her face starts to swell, eyes are watery. I’m looking all around for paramedics. Thankfully she recovers.

The bartender rushes to her aid. They had mixed jalapenos in the salt. Not a good idea. Yes, some places like to mix jalapeno with the salt to give it a kick. But they should have asked her. After all lots of people have food allergies.

Thankfully my friend recovers and begin to eat our meal. I dig into my carne asada taco, a real tiny portion for $7.95. I wanted hard but it came out flour and burnt. The filling bland and tasteless. I reached for the chili sauce.

So our experience. Obviously for my friend, it was a huge debacle. For me, I wished it was better because it has great potential. The decor looked cute and the Happy Hour specials are cheap. Where else can you get $4 draft beer in Dupont Circle

Thankfully we had a nice crowd for happy hour. The mingling was good and that was about all that saved it.

Sadly the place lacks character and the service was just as bland as its food.

This place is convenient but nothing replaces good food and great service.

Food: C
Service: D
Ambience: C

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