Buck’s Fishing & Camping

Sometimes, it’s not just about the food. Sometimes it’s about the details. At Buck’s Fishing and Camping, the details make for an authentic atmosphere and an enjoyable experience. The restaurant sits comfortably nudged in-between its hipster sister, Comet Ping Pong, and the politically-forward independent book store and coffee house, Politics and Prose. With a simple and well-thought-out menu filled with organic, quality ingredients, the decision-making process is not drawn out and neither is the wait time. Craft beer and buttered bread helps fend off the growling of the hungry dinner crowd, while low-hanging string lights in colored blown glass chandeliers and a large wooden canoe strapped high above the dining area sets the tone for a laid-back afternoon. The support beams are lined with durable green fabric in triangular slits, giving off the impression of being in a tent, and each table has brightly lit candles, which probably take more time to light than an actual campfire.

When the food arrives, it’s nothing short of delicious. Portioned plates and delicately-placed garnishes fill each table from one end to the other. From lamb meatballs topped with thin sliced Parmesan, to deep fried oysters battered in cornmeal and dipped in a tangy tartar sauce, it’s sure to catch the wandering eye of those seated next to you. Be sure to add on a rustic pork chop or steak frites and finish it off with an ice-cream scoop for dessert, because hell, why not. When you leave, don’t worry about having to pack up your gear or fold down the tent. All you need to take is the place mat as a reminder of your indoor camping experience.
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