Team St John Strong

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e have watched our nation buffeted and drowned by mother nature, and we feel truly overwhelmed. Lets use the national reach of our powerful little organization to make a difference.
TRR will focus our efforts on St John, USVI.
The people and businesses on St John have supported our TRR wounded and disabled veterans with limitless support for more than 10 years. They have donated resources, food, money, lodging, boats and gear…and much much more. We estimate that nearly 100 veterans from all over America has visited St John with TRR programs. St John Chaotic Kayak races, individual citizens of St John, and other fund raising on St John have raised more than $200,000 for TRR to use for our veterans!!
We want this year’s October 1, 2017 DC Biathlon to raise funds to directly help those on St John we personally know-to help them rebuild.
First, we will ask the many veterans who have visited St John on Leadership Clinics, or races, to raise money to directly be used to rebuild; note-anyone can donate to this St John Strong Biathlon Team as well:
A second funding “part” of the Biathlon will be all the other teams raising funds for our National Fund. We hope to use some of these General Funds from these other teams to send a crew of veterans and volunteers with construction skills to St John. We plan to partner with Calleva, with their vast resources, in this construction effort.
Please register to race!!!
The “team” racing part of the Biathlon has several divisions:
1. Racers can partner, one running and one kayaking
2. Racers can build a team or 3 (or more) to amass a combined 3 kayak and 3 running times as team total; if this team has more than 3 racers, the top 3 times are used
3, Donation Teams (Think-John Strong Team!!) …these teams are donation driven, and may be only one racer.
4. Outfitter/Kayak School Teams; these teams compete for the Jim Byers Memorial Outfitters Cup!!
All Americans are impacted in some way; Houston, Florida, the islands…and many other places-including wildfires in many forests of this beautiful land. Where to begin to offer help?
TRR will focus the energy of our family of volunteers and veterans on St John. All who take part in racing, donating, and volunteering for this year’s Biathlon can be certain that 100% of all funds earmarked for St John will directly be used for people and businesses we know.

Please register to race, raise funds, and spread the word-TRR gives back!!