Delivering a Lump of Coal to Trump During Historic Drop in Stock Market

While the government has shutdown, President Trump is all alone for Christmas, so the staff at RUNINdc, has brought Santa’s red express truck to deliver a well-deserved lump of coal for Christmas.

Amidst the shutdown, the stock market experienced the worst Christmas eve trading on top of the worst week in stocks since the Great Recession.

Trump has blamed Jerome Powell, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve for the cause of the decline.

Despite the bad news, it wasn’t all doom and gloom in the Nation’s Capital.

The National Christmas Tree will be lit up for Christmas after receiving last-minute funding – after fears that damage from a tree-climber and the partial government shutdown could leave it dark over the holiday.

NPS announced that while all Park’s facilities would remain closed, funding allowed for the tree to be re-lit just in time for Christmas Day.

Just as the Grinch in the White House had stole Christmas, the National Park has come to save the day.

International Truck in National Mall with US Capitol in background