Nashville – Keep the Music Playing

It has been a crazy month for Tennessee, and Nashville has gone through so much chaos. Our hearts are with those who have lost their homes or businesses and with the 24 lives tragically taken away.

Thank God for relief workers and volunteers who are working tirelessly. Let’s keep Nashville in our prayers as they weather and survive this storm.

“Nashville is resilient.
I have so much faith in this community and its ability to be there for those in need.”
-Brad Paisley

“I just wanna say my prayers and my biggest faith is with everybody here.”
“Nashville kicks F*&$%ng A$$”
-Post Malone

“On behalf of the City of Nashville, we want everyone to know that you are welcome here, that our doors are open and that your continued support for the city and the local businesses means the world to us as we go through this difficult time.”
-Tim McGraw

Nashville, as well as the rest of the world, has been affected by the coronavirus.  This deadly tornado has destroyed many businesses, but Nashville will rebuild bigger and better