Ming’s Rises over Chinatown Goliath

Since opening in 2010, Michelle Tam’s Ming’s has co-existed under the shadows of  its landlord Tony Cheng’s the iconic Mongolian BBQ and Chinese Seafood restaurant which has been a huge fixture on H Street NW long before the Verizon Center opened its doors.

But in recent years, Tony Cheng’s has come under a backlash after been found guilty of bribing the DC Taxicab Commission in obtaining licensing.  Though business has not really taken a hit due to the plethora of tourists and the dearth of quality Mongolian BBQ in the area, many long-term Washingtonians are looking elsewhere.

Michelle Tam stands to capitalize. Unlike Tony Cheng’s wide selection of all you can eat BBQ, Ming’s has focused on smaller, exotic dishes, focusing in sautee and spice. dishes

“This has been the best Szechuan experience in quite a while,” said Jackie Woodbury, Bookalokal’s Community Manager.  “The food was custom made and bristling with flavors.”

“I can tell you that Michelle is one of the sweetest owners around here,” said fitness-trainer Orlando Darden.  “Here, you gorge on all your all time favorites and no stress about calories or quantity.”

“Beautiful service with a lovely smile,” said Khan Arsalan who visited from Tennessee.  Now that Ming’s has built a reputation, many area concierges have been steering their guests to the new David under Goliath’s shadow.



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