Lawyers Squabble over Trump Hotel Contract

[dropcap]A[/dropcap] contract is a contract and a statement by the property owner, no matter how derogatory or egregious is certainly no grounds to back out of a real estate deal.

Still, Jose Andres’ company Think Food Group responded today that Trump’s comments constituted a breach of contract.

According to Andres, Trump’s anti-Hispanic statements made it virtually impossible for Andres to open and run a high-end Spanish restaurant at the Trump Hotel since it would have to recruit Hispanics to serve as staff.

Think Food Group is counter suing for $8 million in damages.

Not sure if Andres has made a sound argument. Not sure if Trump needs to continue with this frivolous lawsuit since he recently signed with BLT Prime Steakhouse to anchor the old Post Office Pavilion 

There’s only one clear winner here — the lawyers — the ones who are doing all the squabbling.