Holiday Hope in Tijuana: Migrants Find Joy and Solidarity in Shelters

In Tijuana, the holiday season is marked by a unique blend of hope and hardship for about 4,000 migrants staying in shelters, like Guadalupe and her family. Fleeing threats in the Mexican state of Guerrero, they find solace in the company of strangers turned friends. They left their hometown four months ago after a cartel threatened to kill them if they didn’t pay a fee to live in their neighborhood.

They are now staying at the Pro Amore Dei shelter, a Catholic shelter supported by private donations, waiting for a CBP One appointment to cross the border and seek asylum in the United States.

The distribution of clothes and toys adds a practical and compassionate aspect to the support these families receive, helping them not only emotionally but also in meeting their basic needs during this festive season.

Shelters such as Pro Amore Dei offer not just a safe haven but also emotional support and festive activities to uplift spirits. While families like Guadalupe’s face the pain of separation and memories of past celebrations, they also discover resilience and solidarity in these shelters, forging new traditions in their quest for a safer life.