Grand Trunk Debuts House of Cards.

Congress may have just given DHS a last-minute lifeline, but back in the imaginary world of House of Cards, there would be no resolution.

Perhaps there was no better venue to kick off Season 3 than at the sparkling new Grand Trunk on Indiana Ave NW.  The glitzy 24-hour eatery with its gold decor, alligator-embossed leather seats, replete with 70-something TVs displaying Spacey’s evil facade.

“It’s bright. It has the aesthetic energy of a casino with a jackpot menu,” stated first-time customer Austin Grasty who was invited to the viewing party.

“Our food is fast, tasty, and we provide service with a smile,” said loree Lewis.  “What’s not to love about a South Asian restaurant with counter service.”

Co-Founder and CEO Kamran Cheema chose DC to be Grand Trunk’s flagship location. His concept of South Asian gourmet served fast and casual is quickly becoming popular with consumers.

But despite the reasonable prices and incredibly fast service, The Grand Trunk resembles a night club with glass stairway and motion sensors for lighting, disco chandeliers, a solid oak communal table, and even a doorman.

DC is now becoming more of a 24-hour cosmopolitan city and Grand Trunk is leading the way offering 24 hour service.

“There are a lot of people who work and stay up late,” Cheema explained. “The Police Headquarters is just up the road, so we feed a lot of officers working the late shift.  Many taxi drivers also enjoy South Asian food, so I believe we can attract the clientele.”11011221_1586099734958920_2756692671917198662_n

With the plethora of TV screens from the wall to the floor, The Grand Trunk also resembles a sports club.  Coincidentally, the Cricket World Cup is being broadcast into the wee hours of the morning, so the Grand Trunk has been able to attract a handful of cricket fans who enjoy the excitement of the game with late-night servings of chai tea and cinnamon sugar naan.


So what’s in store for Season 3?  Netflix has dropped all 13 episodes of House of Cards just before the weekend, so I’m sure they’ll be more all-night binge watching of Spacey and Wright in the near future.