Fat Pete’s Eat, Live & Die BBQ

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]at Pete’s is a hidden gem nestled in Cleveland Park at the former Pulpo space.  With the loss of Palena and Dino’s, it sure is great to have a new mainstay uptown.

At Fat Pete’s the cooking is slow and methodical. The Texas style wood-fire smoker which can hold 1,000 lbs of meat cooks low and slow at 250 degrees.  The Pulled Pork is slowly cooked for 16 hours resulting in the most tender and moist chunks of meat you’ve ever eaten this side of the Potomac. The Brisket is smoked for 18 hours and it’s so perfectly tender, it literally falls off the bone.  Brendan Woody, the pitmaster who hailed from Hill Country, doesn’t stop until his meat is a perfect masterpiece. He incorporates many flavors and styles from across the country (Kansas City Spicy, Memphis Sweet, North Carolina Vinegar, South Carolina Mustard, Texas Mop Sauce, and Alabama White Sauce) and also designs his own.

“BBQ is like a work of art. A small adjustment here and there (Temperature, Rub, Wood, Time) and you can make a big adjustment in flavor,” said Brendan Woody.  “Anyone can grill a steak, sautee a shrimp.  But smoking BBQ is diverse and complex — it’s always a challenge — it’s never boring.”

Fat Pete’s is not just for meat eaters. They have lots of veggie sides to please even the most discerning vegetarian.  And Fat Pete’s is not just for BBQ.  It’s a laid back place with a great bar, plenty of TVs and a nice atmosphere for eaters and drinkers alike.

Oh, and you should try the Smoked wings — spicy, juicy and the meat just falls off the bones.

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