DC Temple Open House

I’ve personally driven past the majestic temple many times for the last 20 years, but never had a chance to enter.  The temple has been closed to non-members since 1974.  Now that the rededication will take place on August 14, 2022, the temple will be open to the public until June 11th, and will likely be closed for another 50 years. 

The goal of the Open House is to invite all to join the temple to experience the peace, beauty and connection that can be felt in the temple, and to ensure that all who desire to come have a welcoming, safe and orderly experience in this sacred place.

Available dates are published online on www.DCTemple.org (tickets are not required for the tour).

Photos by DC Temple.


Assembly Room – reminiscent of 19th century temples

Baptistry Room
One of 10 Sealing Rooms where couples are married and united with their families forever