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Wind Gusts Wreck Havoc to DC’s Cherry Blossoms

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Peak bloom is this weekend and on the day before the Nationals Opening Day, DC’s highly-touted and delicate Cherry Blossoms took a heavy beating with winds gusting to 50 MPH. The winds will subside when the Nationals play the NY Mets and huge crowds is expected at the Tidal Basin for peak bloom. But a cold front is approaching Saturday …

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Blossom Kite Fest Kicks Off

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The seventh annual National Cherry Blossom Kite Festival showcases the creativity of kite makers and skill of fliers from all over the world through a variety of competitions and demonstrations. Washington DC, Cherry Blossom Kite Festival ???? — David Berry (@BerryDavid) March 31, 2018 It’s a beautiful day in #DC! Join us at the National Cherry Blossom Festival- Blossom …