#LoveJerk: Caribbean Citations – Downtown Anacostia

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Under the DC codes, there are more than 79 reasons you can get a parking ticket and in DC, with an average of 2.9 tickets issued every minute, it is a $179 million-a-year business.

If you drive in DC, chances are you’ve probably gotten a ticket or two.  And you’ve probably fought them in Traffic Court.

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April’s Winner – Her citation was paid (up to $100)

Now, there’s a new way to fight back. Just bring your traffic ticket to Caribbean Citations located 1208 Maple View Place DC

“When you are issued a parking or moving violation from anywhere, bring it to our restaurant and use it as a coupon where we stamp it and you’ll receive a 10-50% discount off our entire menu and you can also enter your Citation into our monthly raffle for $1 for a chance to have us pay your fine up to $100,” said owner Michael Sterling, former owner of Anacostia Big Chair Cafe & Grill

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Mama Citations working hard in the back

You don’t need to get issued a citation to visit Caribbean Citations.  Citations is open everyday.

So the food was amazing — blew us away. The real question is #Jerk or #Curry.