Burning Rubber in Security Mall

At precisely 1:30am Saturday morning, 15-20 cars converged just outside Burlington Coat Factory. Then they started taking turns doing donuts at Security Square Mall

The mall located in Security Blvd in Woodlawn, MD, is actually an oxymoron – there’s really no security there, should be renamed Wild West Yonder.

Here’s a recap of what I saw:

Saturday may be fairly dead at Security mall, but when the clock strikes midnight the bad kids come out.

This is not a random collection of mischievous kids looking for fun.

Instead, it’s an organized group of bad boys and mean girls chasing danger, drugs and lawlessness and living life on the edge.

They are natural-born thrill seekers who have nothing better to do on a sultry summer night and no other goal but to invite danger and elude the law.

Kids in hot rods and illegit street racers doing donut holes in a dark, empty mall parking lot.   Thugs with guns, drugs and paraphernalia, mixing it up and living life on the large.

It was an incident waiting to happen.

Smoke mixed with the smell of burning rubber filled the night sky, resembling pressurized steam from a catapult on a busy flight deck of an aircraft carrier. It was exhilarating to watch but dangerous to be in midst of all this madness.

They didn’t know I was there. I sat in the safe confines of my truck shooting the entire event on my iPhone.  Startled awake by the roar of the engines and the squeal of hot tires on a dry concrete.