13th Annual Charlotte Black Film Festival Celebrates Diversity, Empowers Filmmakers, and Inspires Audiences

The 13th Annual Charlotte Black Film Festival recently concluded at the University Area Hilton Hotel, leaving a lasting impact on attendees. The festival, with the theme “Rise Up and Create Forward,” aimed to provide a platform for filmmakers to showcase their craft and promote diversity in the industry. Founder Tommy Nichols highlighted the importance of representation, saying, “When you talk about diversity in film, it’s really important…you don’t see us and you see a lot of different other individuals who have been working with them over and over again without giving access to other individuals.”

Nichols established the festival with economic development in mind after realizing the growth potential of the film industry in the region. “I saw a presentation that film was going to be one of the top five growth industries in the region…And I looked to see what was happening for African Americans and there was nothing. So Charlotte Black Film Festival was created as a premise for economic development,” he explained.

With over 140 films showcased, the festival offered a wide range of narratives and genres, captivating the 1200 attendees both in-person and through streaming. From stories about Gen Z’s experiences during the pandemic to Christian love stories, the films resonated with the audience and sparked meaningful conversations. One attendee expressed their gratitude, stating, “I get a lot from the festival.”

Filmmaker, Tiffany Stennett, whose important project “Living In The Dark” was accepted at the festival, expressed her gratitude and dedication. “It’s an incredible honor to have this important project accepted within the film festival community and with the hope of more acceptances of this film to come in the future,” she said. Stennett acknowledged the role of her talented cast and crew, emphasizing, “I couldn’t have done any of this without the dedicated and talented cast and crew that came together to make this happen.”

Stennett’s ultimate joy lies in the fact that her film sheds light on the reality of domestic violence and resonates with audiences. She aspires to continue creating projects with a social message, ranging from drama to comedy, aiming to make a positive impact on society.

Overall, the 13th Annual Charlotte Black Film Festival proved to be an influential and inspiring event, empowering filmmakers, promoting diversity, and leaving a lasting impression on its attendees.

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  1. The Black Film Festival in Charlotte was an amazing experience. Learned so much about compelling topics and met some very talented film makers.

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