A Scalding Roasting from DC’s Filter Coffeehouse

In Food by RUNINdc

by Chito Peppler

Filter Coffeehouse and Espresso Bar  the long-time coffee shop in downtown DC  just called RUNINOut a “Piece of Crap.”

Apparently they weren’t happy with the pictures that the search engine had gleaned from Filter’s Facebook page, even though RUNINOut has been asking for input for the last several years.

After the fifth inquiry (since Sept 2013), Filter finally responded and the words weren’t sweet.

Not only did Filter call RUNINOut a “POC”, but they also asked us not to waste their time.
Guess their baristas don’t want to take time to smell the coffee.
Here’s the discussion:

We messaged Filter in 2013 & 2014 informing them of updates – with zero response

After messaging Filter again on June 24, they responded rather disparagingly

After getting berated by Filter, we asked for an apology but they instructed us to stop wasting their time instead.