Grille Twelve 24 – Mount Vernon Eatery

In Baltimore by RUNINdc

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Executive chefs Jonathan Halpern and Brendan Andrews, formerly of The Grand Historic Venue, provides a Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken and gourmet sandwiches called Twelve 24  (Restaurant is located at 1224 N Charles St)

The interior design is charming with exposed brick walls.  You order at the counter then watch them prepare your food as you sit in the comfortable booths.

“We’ll provide exotic sandwiches and dishes from both the Middle East and Mediterranean regions,” said owner Farhad Zamanian.  “It’s rare to find authentic and tasty Peruvian Chicken in Baltimore.”

Yes the rotisserie chicken is incredible and so are the hand cut fries.

“We serve a wide range of food from Sandwiches to gyros to Vegetarian,” said Marissa Hoopz White. “You can’t go wrong with Twelve 24.”

We look forward to coming back and trying out their sandwiches next — what a great addition to the Charles Street scene.