Fruity Friends slot Game

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Get fruity with the ultimate classic online slot game, ideal for beginners – the Fruity Friends Slot. Iconic and simple in design, go bananas as you match up various kinds of fruit along the five reels, which transport you into its bright world of vivacious colour. Click to play the Fruity Friends Slot at the previous link now!

There’s big jackpots to win and with the added bonus of free spins you just can’t go wrong. Made by major industry players NeoGames, it’s a simple game to play making it a great option for those who just want some light hearted fun away from the more complex slot game options available.

Fruity Friends Slot special features

You can bet any amount between 0.15 to 150 coins and the jackpot its worth double your payline bet, which in combination with the simple format of the game makes it great for those who want to start placing their bets but don’t have the confidence yet that comes with experience in the world of gaming. What’s more, free spins are regularly triggered at random, meaning you can get more coins for less.

The reels hold 15 fixed paylines, meaning you have all 15 active every time you spin the reels, a great added benefit as it’s best to have the most number of pauline’s active that you can at any given time. Though the betting amount allowed on Fruity Friends slot varies massively, it’s not only the ideal choice for beginners but also those gamers who want to play both for low and high stakes. And as is the usual way things go, the more money you bet, the higher your potential prize.

Gameplay on this UK slot game

The backdrop is white and fun music plays while you game on Fruity Friends slot, adding to the element of surprise and superfluous nature of this colourful online game. A favourite at casinos amongst the beginners, if it’s your first time trying your luck at slots this would be the best gaming choice you can make.

What’s more, because Fruity Friends slot is so popular, it’s available on most smartphone mobile devices – it’s been designed and optimised to work on these as well as desktops and laptops in fact, which also makes it great value, though it is largely available for free. It’s available to get on iOS and Android, and also Google, HTC and Amazon, so it’s pretty accessible too.

Fruity Friends slot is arguably one of the most highly rated and most-played casino games in the world, particularly online, with an iconic design and hard-to-miss colour scheme of neon yellows and primary blues. And one thing’s for sure – it’ll certainly cheer you up on a rainy day! Especially when you take home your winnings.


Developers of the game, NeoGames have made it their mission to make sure every game they make is a success, and as Fruit Friends slot is also one of the most historic slot games available to players still to this day, it’s another game they have not failed at.

So for beginners and advanced players alike, get online be transported to your very own fun fruity friends and start playing today.