Father’s Day Shooting @Art All Night Trenton

In Food by RUNINdc

A heated dispute between gang members was the cause behind a deadly shooting that erupted in Arts all Night festival at Roebling Wire Works in Trenton, NJ, killing one and injuring 22.

Gov. Phil Murphy, speaking at the Galilee Baptist Church after Sunday services, said the shooting may have stemmed from a “low-end neighborhood-level dispute” that spilled over into the venue.

The deceased suspect has been identified as Tahaij Wells, 33. Wells was released from prison and on parole since February on homicide-related charges.

The man in custody is Amir Armstrong, 23, who has been charged with a weapons offense, said Mercer County Prosecutor Angelo Onofri. Armstrong remained hospitalized in stable condition.

Here’s a message from the organizers of Art All Night:

It’s with great regret that we announce that the remainder of Art All Night has been cancelled due to a tragic incident that occurred overnight.

We’re still processing much of this and we don’t have many answers at this time but please know that our staff, our volunteers, our artists and musicians all seem to be healthy and accounted for. Our sincere, heartfelt sympathies are with those who were injured.

We know there are a lot of questions and a lot of speculation at this point. We’re still trying ourselves to piece this entire situation together. What we do know is that we are currently unable to release any submitted artwork that is currently inside the Roebling Wire Works building. That being said, we promise you we’ll be in touch as soon as we have more questions we information on this. We truly appreciate your understanding and patience during this incredibly difficult and confusing situation.

We’re very shocked. We’re deeply saddened. Our hearts ache and our eyes are blurry but our dedication and resolve to building a better Trenton through community, creativity and inspiration will never fade. Not tonight. Not ever.


Our thoughts and prayers to the victims and families