EU Embassy Run – Ten Years of Friends, Pastries and Fun

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May 12, 2018 was a perfect day for a run.  It was also the 10 year Anniversary of the EU Embassy Run, an annual fundraiser ran in conjunction with the EU Embassies’ Open House.

Over 70 runners showed up at Gold’s Gym Van Ness to do the two favorite things they love: Running with friends and visiting European Embassies all over the city.

Over 15 Embassies were toured, over a dozen miles were ran and over $3,000 was was raised for  Team River Runner.

This year’s theme was “Saluting our Heroes” and the money raised would provide health and healing through adaptive kayaking for wounded service members and their families.

The run started in Van Ness with Slovakia and Austria gracious to open their doors for the runners a little bit early.

Then the runners headed west towards Rock Creek visiting Netherlands, Czech Republic and Hungary.

This year the runners were treated with a scenic stroll through the Melvin Hazen Trail. The moderately technical, half-mile stretch of quiet trail follows a tributary from Rock Creek. The scenic trail offers lush greenery and water crossings.

Then a trek through Cleveland Park and past the National Cathedral to visit Belgium enjoying great Belgian cuisine and drinks served by Chef Bart of B-Too.
Next was Observatory Circle with Finland, UK, and a surprise shortcut through Dumbarton Oaks Trail to visit Denmark
Then down Massachusetts towards Sheridian Circle to visit Romania, Greece and Ireland  – new additions from last year.
Then over Rock Creek Park again and a long trek west to France .  Finally a run south through Georgetown University and down the Exorcist Stairs to the Waterfront to visit Sweden and our traditional post-run party at Mr. Smith’s.

“The money raised will buy a trailer critical to transporting kayaks for the wounded,” said Joe Mornini, Executive Director and Co-Founder for Team River Runner. “A trailer allows us to take healing on the road, and help ease the workload of the volunteers in a community.”

Team River Runner served a critical role during the run, by transporting bags, directing runners and even transporting runners back to Van Ness after the party.

“The embassies along our route were friendly and welcoming. They shared their culture and culinary specialties, offering samples of cheese, pastries, chocolates, wine and more,” said Lisa Sweetland, a first-year runner.  “My friends and I had a wonderful run while experiencing and appreciating the EU’s customs and arts. Thanks to the myriad of volunteers who helped guide us through the D.C. streets and ensured the run moved along smoothly.”

If you’re interested in joining the EU Embassy Run next year, planning for the event starts this summer!
 EU Embassy Run – 28 Embassies – 10 Miles – a Lifetime of Smiles