HOS – Stupid is – Stupid Goes

In Transportation, Travelling by RUNINdc

The FMCSA HOS rules are a good rule of thumb to follow but that’s about it.

Whenever the federal government dictates stringent rules across the board, it normally shouldn’t pertain to everybody and often causes more harm than good.

Yes the rules are helpful to a small group of drivers (sometimes) but doesn’t mean it should restrict the rest of us.

When after driving 8+ hours and working over 10, I’m less than 30 minutes from home sweet home terminal – a warm meal, a hot shower, fuel, and not only a chance to recharge my batteries but all my electronics. But I’m in jeopardy of running over my 14 hour day by a mere 15 minutes.

So what does me as company driver do. Not wanting to violate HOS and getting ripped by my boss and the compliance officer, I find a noisy rest stop to rest and reset my chops.

So instead of enjoying the comfort of my own bed, I sleep restlessly next to idling trucks with no bathroom facilities and once again no hot shower.

This is one of many prime examples of how stupid overarching rules trump common sense, treat rational, adult drivers like children, make us more unsafe, and yes, even make us leave an industry that needs us desperately to keep America rollin’