Carnegie Library Lit Up for Art All Night

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The Carnegie Center was the talk of the town last night.  It served as the focal point for art exhibits across all five neighborhoods.

Interior and exterior art displays decorated the building to engage visitors with the amazing artwork.

The projection sponsored by Citelum is the largest exhibit at Art all Night, to date.




Dinosaur Displays at the Carnegie


We’ve never seen the Carnegie Library this magnificent

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“It is always exhilarating to present new work but doing so at an event like Art All Night is special because the audience has not bought a ticket and often has no idea what they’ve stumbled upon,” said aerial dancer Jessica John. “There is the challenge of grabbing attention and keeping it while still trying to produce art that resonates. That is what the Nuit Blanche movement is all about–exposing people to things they might never see otherwise, opening them up to be experiences and cultures. I performed at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche in Toronto last year and was eager to replicate that energy in DC. I think we might have found it…And I think that we exposed people in this city to a side of circus they might not have imagined.

Check out this Amazing display. Can you guess what this is made of?